Reviewers’ Comments on
The Morning-After Pill - Uncovering The Truth


'The author surveys medicine and biology ... This book comes at a crucial time.'
                                                                                                      The Monthly Record.

'... really helpful and important work.'                                   David Field, Oak Hill College.

'I have actually just spent this morning speed-reading through it and you and the Christian Institute have done us a great service.'         Trevor Stammers, GP, author and broadcaster.

'The book is excellent and detailed.  Well done.'           Salim Haddad, retired neurosurgeon.

'That so able a man should be prepared to contend his case so compassionately, clearly, cogently and unambiguously ... is refreshing and uplifting.  The Christian Institute is to be heartily congratulated for underwriting so valuable a publication.'
                                                                         Peter Murcott, British Church Newspaper.

'This 88-page paperback ... is a thorough analysis of the social and sexual disaster which the morning-after pill represents.'                                                  Rod Badams, The Bulletin.

'I’ve just finished reading this book and was very impressed.  It’s a well put together piece of Scripture, science and some philosophy/history.'            Greg Gardner, general practitioner.

'This is ... John Ling’s elegant, thoroughly-researched, but hard hitting book on the morning-after pill (MAP).  This accessible book has a usefulness that goes beyond its subject matter and could be used as a handbook for anyone wishing to apply Christian ethics in a firm but loving manner.  I strongly recommend it.' 
                                                                                            Oluseyi Hotonu, Triple Helix.

'Once again we are grateful to the Christian Institute for the sterling work which they do.  If nothing else this book will call us to pray for our wicked nation.'            William Macleod, Free Church Witness.


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