Reviewers’ Comments on
The Edge of Life - Dying, Death and Euthanasia

'I should like to thank you very much for taking so much trouble to present the facts of the case with such clarity and conviction.'

John C. Smyth, personal letter.


'This is a book you must read as you cannot escape the issues it deals with.  Buy the book and read it.'

Dr John Hall, Grace Magazine.


'An excellent, compelling and well-written book.  A highly recommended work that needs to be widely read.'

Dr Carolyn Purkis, English Churchman.

'This book is dead good.'                                                                                                Norman Williams, Cambrian News.


'The author’s purpose is not merely to inform us of the serious implications of deteriorating medical ethics, but to encourage us to make some response.'

J. Andrew Charles, Banner of Truth magazine.


'We are indebted to Dr Ling for this superb and timely contribution to the subject.  Readers will find it difficult to put this book down!'

John Smyth, Evangelical Times.


'All in all this is a very comprehensive and learned treatment of the subject.  The author has read widely on the subject, and offers a very intelligent yet practical overview of this contentious bioethical issue.'

William Muehlenberg, Amazon.

'Excellent mustering of facts.  Readable analysis.  Challenging conclusions.'                                           review.

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