Reviewers’ Comments on
 Responding to the Culture of Death - A Primer of Bioethical Issues


‘This excellent book provides a clear Christian analysis of recent trends in medicine and science.’

The Christian Institute.


 ‘… highly readable, lucid and up-to-date, this is a ‘must’ for anyone wanting to find out how to put prolife issues in a Biblical perspective …’

LIFE News.


 ‘This book is an excellent resource, full of facts, but written in an easy-to-read style.’

Image News.


‘This is an excellent book, eminently readable and presented in a well-reasoned, sensitive way.  Warmly recommended!’

Evangelical Times.


 ‘… exhorts us to make some response as our Christian duty.’

Banner of Truth magazine.


 ‘… the book is well worth reading and is sure to be thought-provoking.’

Grace Magazine.


 ‘The single chapter ‘Themes from the Scriptures’ is worth the whole price of the book.’

English Churchman.


 ‘Every evangelical Christian who does not know the facts should buy this book, read it more than once, and keep it handy as a basic reference text.’

David Preston.



‘… packed with good things from beginning to end … truly excellent … It must be read by church leaders …’

John Tindall.


This short, easily-read and very challenging book is not to be missed by any Christian medic!

Christian Medical Fellowship.


This book represents the most coherent and well-documented statement of the pro-life position I have ever seen.  Every law student should have access to it.

Melanie Williams, lecturer in medical law.


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