An E-Mail to Liza Munday,
(Journalist with The Washington Post)

Dear Liza,

I have just read your article, The Fate of Frozen Embryos in the US, on the BioNews website [].  It was both interesting and informative - 'permit them to lapse' is a euphemism new to me.

However, I was disappointed to read that you (twice) perpetuated that tired old device of suggesting that pro-life folk were against all stem cell research.  That is NOT so - and you know it!  We are against embryonic stem cell research and it does the cause of the public understanding of science no favours to muddle the issues in this way.

But you are not the only one.  Check out my website 'Articles' and look at, Beware! It's the Attack of the Medieval Bigots - My Reply to The Times, published, June 2004.



And Her E-Mail Reply

Dear Dr. Ling,

You are absolutely right.  Of course, the commentary should refer to prolife opposition to "embryonic stem cell research," rather than stem cell research per se.  I understand the difference and am usually very careful to make the distinction clear.  I must have inadvertently used shorthand in those two places.  I will make sure they correct the version of the commentary that is posted on the BioNews website.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Best regards,

Liza Mundy

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