Esther Ling

And here she is - our first grandchild.  Esther Clara Ling was born at 21.56 on Friday 1 August 2003.  She weighed 8lb 2 oz (3.68kg) and was 58cm long.


This ultrasound scan of Esther was taken at 12 weeks.


And this is Esther at 20 weeks.  Amazing, or what?




  That all-important moment for mother and baby.


And for father and baby.


'Now, please stop fussing and let me go to sleep!'


Esther Clara at two weeks, doing what she does best!


The proud, thankful and tired parents, plus little bundle.


Even proud grandparents can get into photographs.


 'Go on, give us another kiss, you know you want to!'


'You go and eat your fish fingers, I'll eat these,' said the 10-week-old Esther.


 'Now I'm 14 weeks old, and I'm watching you!' 


'I'm 8 months old now.  Do you want to hear me on my tambourine?  I'm pretty good, you know.'


'Grandad, does that tickle enough?', asked the one-year-old.    Je suis Esther avec les lunettes et la boue.

'Will I always be a bridesmaid, Mummy?'

"Would you like a drink, Grandpa?"
 (April 2007).

Esther at school - Christmas 2007


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