Benjamin Ling

Graduating in 1999.




Ben and Glenda get engaged, January 2007.


1977 was a great year - the Queen's Silver Jubilee and I was born - remember those street parties?!

I was born on 22 July 1977 at Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth, Wales and was brought up in a little village called Capel Bangor.  I attended the local Penllwyn Primary School, before going off to 'big school' - Penglais Comprehensive in Aberystwyth.  I did not much like school and preferred 'break time' when I could play football, and chase the girls!  After scraping through my GCSE's and A-levels I was 'sent to Coventry' [University] in 1995, where I studied Environmental Science and Protection.  I spent 2 years there and completed an HND (aka, Have No Degree).  Then in 1997, I moved to Manchester to join their degree course and in 1999, I was awarded a BSc degree in Environmental Science with Honours - oh yes, see above.

I stayed around Manchester for another year, working at various jobs, before returning to Aberystwyth, with a plan to live at home for 6 months and save enough money before moving somewhere else in the UK.  But, things changed - as they often do.  And now I am quite settled in Aberystwyth (though no longer living at home) and working as a natural products chemist for Molecular Nature Limited, a drug discovery company.

During the winter, I play local league football and during the summer I play cricket and golf, and I go sea fishing, whenever my father allows me!

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