Choosing to Die - A Complaint to the BBC

Having watched the BBC2 TV documentary, Choosing to Die, last night (Monday 13 June 2011), I zipped this short and sweet complaint the following morning, via  I tried to phone the BBC immediately after the broadcast, but the lines were jammed - good!

'I want to complain about Choosing to Die.  This was such a one-sided programme, especially in the light of Terry Pratchett’s opening remark that, ‘I want to explore the options.’  Where were they?  Where was the other side of the debate?  What about palliative care and the hospice movement?  The latter was glossed over with Mick, the relatively poor and inarticulate ex-taxi driver, yet he was the most fascinating character in the entire programme.

I trust the BBC is planning to screen a counter-balancing programme, perhaps presented by Baroness Finlay.  Truth and the public deserve that much.'

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