What the Critics Say about Bioethical Issues

'Do you want a masterly, highly readable, bang up-to-date introduction to all the latest bioethical issues that confront us – three-parent IVF, ‘saviour’ siblings, stem-cell research, etc – and a lucid overview of the abortion and euthanasia scenes?  Do you want to understand what all this means to society, why the pro-life movement is so important and why we pro-lifers are really ‘tomorrow’s’ people, the radicals?  Do you want all this set vividly in its Biblical context?  If so, this book by LIFE trustee Dr John Ling is the one for you.  It’s a ‘must’ – and a snip at £10.'

Professor Jack Scarisbrick, LIFE News, Summer 2014, p. 18.

'John Ling's book ... takes on everything from abortion to euthanasia putting them in the context of biblical teaching.  He does so not merely to educate, but to spur us to stand up for an informed, Bible-based alternative to our prevailing culture, where human life is devalued and so casually destroyed - the 'culture of death' of the subtitle.  This is not light reading, but the author's extensive knowledge and years of experience of bioethical debate in public life are evident.  We are challenged to recognise how these matters touch us all, and each of us is urged to act as Christ's ambassadors wherever we encounter them, whether through individual conversations, teaching and discussions in our churches, or by public debate in our communities.  The final chapter is a comprehensive, balanced and persuasive overview of the range of actions towards which our knowledge and beliefs should drive us.'

Dr Jeff Clarke, Evangelicals Now, November 2014, p. 27.

'... I really enjoyed Dr Ling’s style of writing.  It seemed at times as if someone was sitting across the table conversing with me rather than standing at a distance lecturing to me.  There is plenty of engaging alliteration and an appropriate sprinkling of wit and humour.  By and large I found the book an easy read, which is quite something given the subject matter that focuses largely on "the culture of death".  ... Each section is packed with enlightening explanations, informed analysis, and sometimes depressing statistics.  ... Buy or borrow this book, read it, digest it, pass it on, put it in your church library, and then act on it.  And may God yet have mercy on us!'

Peter Rush, Affinity's The Bulletin, November 2014, pp. 23-25.

'... all the prominent bioethical issues of our contemporary world are then explored individually, in terms that a layperson could easily grasp. ... the section headed So what must we do? ties up all the biblical precepts and hands the reader an agenda - a call to practical ways in which to respond to the information presented.  This surely has to be one of the most challenging sections of the book.  When a reader has completed the reading of a good and significant book, he will often feel a sense of satisfaction.  A response which is even better is when the book is read and put down, but then the reader wants to take it up again and engage its themes in a deeper and more comprehensive way.  Bioethical Issues will leave the reader doing just that.'

                                                                                                   Paul Munro, Network systems manager at a Secondary Academy School.

'Thank you John.  Your book is very convincing.  Mark.'

                                                                               Mark Williams, MP for Ceredigion.


'This is the most comprehensive and accessible book on medical ethics that is available anywhere today. This book should be on the shelf of every church officer and the issues understood and implemented.'

                                                                                                        Rev. Geoff Thomas, Banner of Truth website, 6 February 2015.